The memorial “Eternal glory”

The memorial “Eternal glory”  в старину The memorial “Eternal glory”  в наши дни

In 1967, on the eve of the 50th anniversary of the October revolution, the memorial "Eternal glory" was inaugurated in the former market square, near the building of the former City Duma. It was erected in honor of the fallen participants of the Civil and Great Patriotic wars. The monument represents the faces of a budennovets (as a universal image of a fighter for the Soviet regime), a Soviet soldier of the Great Patriotic War and a female character as a symbol of suffering and willpower of the mothers and wives of those tragic years.

The monument bears an inscription of a famous Stavropol poet Gennadii Fateev: "Eternal happiness won by people struggle and your life". Next to the monument there was lit “the Fire of Eternal Glory”, specially brought from the memorial on the Mars field in Leningrad.

The Stavropol residents defended their Homeland from the very beginning of the Great Patriotic war. Thousands of citizens went to the front as volunteers, while the others worked tirelessly in the factories. In November 1941, the Stavropol residents transferred about two million rubles from their personal savings to the national defense fund.

The second Guard cavalry corp was formed with Stavropol residents, commanded by a Major General Lev Dovator. The 343rd rifle division, equipped with Stavropol soldiers, began its combat journey from Stavropol in October 1941. In 1943, the division received another number and a title of Guards! The 97th rifle guards division went through the difficult battle path from Stavropol to the capital of Czechoslovakia – Prague. The stages of the victory path include Rostov and Kharkiv, Stalingrad and Belgorod, Poltava and Kremenchug, Dniester and Bug. It took an active part in the liberation of Eastern and Central Europe: Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Czechoslovakia. The 9th of May of 1945 was celebrated by the 97th Guard division in the city of Dresden in Germany.

The German invaders reached Stavropol in August 1942. They killed several thousand people, significantly robbed the city, and exploded many buildings just in a few months. But in January 1943 they were expulsed from Stavropol.

In April 1975, the remains of 126 soldiers of the 347th rifle division fallen during Stavropol liberation on January 20-21, 1943 and died of wounds in hospitals were solemnly reburied at the memorial. They were moved from the mass graves of Uspenskoe and Danilovskoe cemeteries. 20 years later, their names were inscribed on 11 small stone tablets placed in the northern part of the memorial.

Eternal memory to the fallen!