Stavropol Mountain (Stavropol Upland)

Stavropol Mountain (Stavropol Upland) в старину Stavropol Mountain (Stavropol Upland) в наши дни

Stavropol is a city at the top. And it is true! The city is located on the Stavropol Upland. The highest point, which is the Fortress Hill in the city center, is at six hundred and fifty meters above sea level. An interesting feature: if you look away from the Fortress Hill in a straight line, the next point with the same height will only be in the city of Murmansk, which means that all other cities that meet on the way will be lower than you stand.

The city of Stavropol is located on the Stavropol Upland, which covers a vast area of the Caucasus in the south of the East European Plain. The relief of the Stavropol Upland has been shaped by the latest tectonic movements of the Stavropol Vault, located in the zone of the Transcaucasian Rise, and erosion processes.

The flat top of the Stavropol Mountain is inclined to the north-east and descends in steps from the south-western part of the city towards the railway station. The Stavropol Mountain steeply slopes south to the village of Tatarka and west to the Sengileev Basin. The eastern slope of the Stavropol Mountain is stepped. The northern slope of the flat slope descends towards the village of Moskovsky.

The highest part of the Stavropol Mountain is the oldest part of the relief. The city is home to residential quarters in the South-West and North-West districts, the Central part of Stavropol, Lenin Square, the Verkhnyi Market, and Fortress Hill.