Taman Forest

Taman Forest в старину Taman Forest в наши дни

Walks in the forest always help you relax, feel alone with your thoughts and enjoy harmony with nature. The Taman Forest is named after the Taman Division, which fought desperately against the White Guards for the liberation of Stavropol in 1918. The forest had different names at different times. How could it not be called! The Black Forest, the City Forest, the Tashljansky Forest, the Archbishop's Forest, and even the Suburban Forest. The change of forest names reflects certain periods in the life of the city. When Khoper Cossacks and Vladimir Dragoons arrived at the Black Forest near the Tashlya River to organize a new fortress for the Azov-Mozdok defensive line by order of General Jacobi, the forest growing around it, was very different from what we see today. A large part of the forest was cut down for the construction of the Stavropol Fortress. The first settlers to the west of the Cossack village also actively cut down the Black Forest to create Podgornaya Sloboda.

At present, the forest covers four hundred ninety-eight hectares. The area is located between Cavalryskaya Street and Vavilova Passage, Pobedy Street and Frunze Street. The forest is located inside the city and is densely surrounded by residential areas. This place is very important for the life of every Stavropol resident, as a place to rest from the hustle and bustle of the city. It produces oxygen and traps carbon dioxide, poisonous substances and dust from the air. The forest improves the health of everyone who comes here. By the way, many sanatoriums and health resorts advise tourists to spend more time in the fresh air. Phytoncides produced by leaves and flowers of plants destroy pathogenic microbes, disinfecting the natural environment.

In the Taman forest, you can find various types of trees such as ash, hornbeam, beech, oak, field maple and smooth elm. Among the shrubs in the forest, the most interesting are pride, potassium, capryphol or honeysuckle. All this rich plant diversity protects the grass cover in the warm season. In summer, you can always hide from the hot Stavropol sun.

Throughout the spring in the Taman forest, you can see an amazing picture of the lower grassy forest tier changing colours. Herbs bloom in a strict sequence, at their unique time. Caucasian snowdrops were the first to appear in the Taman forest, and they are the first messengers of spring. They look out from under a layer of snow that has just melted. But do not hurry to tear them up! The flowers are listed in the Red Book. Then the blue glades bloom, which are also the first flowers. They are replaced by creamy yellow and purple brittle claws. And then lilac chisels and violets appear, filling the forest with fragrant waves. Night violets are the last to bloom in the forest. This is an unusual time! The flower is so fragrant that it fills every corner of the Taman forest with this scent. Many plants are endemic of the Caucasus and are listed in the Red Book. Be careful when walking in the forest, do not damage the home for hundreds of animal and plant species!