"Health Path"

Now we will walk along one of the most favorite places for a quiet getaway among Stavropol residents. "The Health Path" is a pedestrian walkway that runs through the Taman Forest and connects the northwestern part of the city with the Dvukhsotletia Square. Recently this place was abandoned, and we can already see how the city administration has cleaned up the ecological path.

The path from Vasilyev Street to the third city hospital is about four kilometers long. There are benches along the length of the Health Path, and at the beginning and end of the trail there are sports machines. The trail is very popular with cyclists. Good road surfaces enable athletes to use this place all year round. In the mornings, you can observe a large number of mums with children, and on weekends, this place has become a favorite for family walks.

Along the Health Trail, you can see a tree tier represented by broad-leaved species - ash, hornbeam, beech, oak and maple.

A large number of feeders along the trail attract squirrels and birds from all over the forest, so animal lovers can always feed the local animals.

While the weather in Stavropol provides an opportunity for walks, it is worth taking advantage. If you live in the city center and you need to get to the Dvukhsotletia square, it is worth taking advantage of the Health Trail. The walk will take about forty minutes from start to finish and will help you recover your inner strength. On weekdays, when there are a lot of traffic jams outside, save your nerves and take a walk in the fresh air.